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The future of payments, meets the future of digital commerce

Get ready to pay it your way with PayXPOS - a revolutionary digital payment system designed to offer you all the flexibility, control, and savings you need. Our platform is secure, digitized, and adapts to various payment systems and channels, making it easy to integrate with third-party providers. And now it’s your turn to see how it works at Seamless Middle East from 23-24 May 2023.

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What is Seamless Middle East?

For 23 years Seamless has been a meeting place for the brightest and most innovative minds across the payments, fintech, banking, retail, e-commerce, digital marketing, home delivery, cards and identity industries.

Meet PayXPOS
PayXPOS adapts to all new payment systems and channels - from wallets and QR codes to mobile and smart speakers. It’s easy to integrate with third-party providers, cost-effective to maintain and flexible enough to add features - giving you maximum control and savings.

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A new way to pay:
Tap to Phone

by PayXPOS

Say goodbye to costly and bulky terminals. Tap to Phone by PayXPOS is the most advanced tap & go app for retailers based on our revolutionary digital payment platform. It’s the safest and easiest way to make and receive payments - directly on your phone.

Tap to Phone by PayXPOS is certified and accepted by VISA and Mastercard - giving you every option you need.

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